The Duck Inn
2701 S Eleanor, Chicago | (312) 724-8811

Our Signature Rotisserie Duck

The Duck Inn's signature dish is a simple yet elegantly-prepared whole rotisserie duck. The legs and thighs are slow-roasted for three hours and the breasts are pan-roasted medium-rare to order. The carved duck is served over greens tossed with duck fat dripping potatoes and seasonal fruits. The final component is a duck jus reduction served at the table.
We serve only the ducks made that day so we offer guests the opportunity to preorder the dish and reserve one for the table. Please call (312) 724-8811 in advance to reserve your table and your rotisserie duck.

The Duck Inn Dog

The Duck Inn Dog is our tribute to the classic Chicago Hot Dog. Made with all-natural beef and duck fat in a hog casing and grilled to a perfect snap, our dog is topped with all the classic ingredients of a Chicago dog. Homemade mustard & relish are combined with our own pickled hot peppers and pickle, tomatoes, onions and celery salt and all nestled in a, one of a kind, brioche poppy seed bun. The Duck Inn Dog has received numerous local and national accolades, including being named Top Dog by Food Network and Best Hot Dogs in Chicago by Food & Wine magazine.
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